Welcome to my store and choose the perfect hand-embroidered fjallraven kanken backpack
    Version & Size
    + Medium size: 38x27x13cm

    - Product price includes: hand-embroidered fjallraven kanken backpack and design as shown in the picture
    - I can make fjallraven kanken backpack hand embroidery patterns according to your ideas
    - fjallraven kanken backpack will be hand embroidered with thread that won't fade when washed
    - fjallraven kanken backpack has a small front compartment for essential items such as wallet, keys, spare batteries
    - There are small compartments on both sides that can hold water bottles, books...
    - Suitable for every move, go out, go to work, go to school
    - fjallraven personalized kanken , custom fjallraven kanken will be the best gifts for your loved ones

    - Please message me when you have questions. Thanks a lot