I am a fashion designer from Hanoi, Vietnam. I created a
workshop where products my own fashion designs 
with hand embroidery and sell my designs directly to the foreign
tourists almost from EU, Japan and US at a shop in the old quarter of Hanoi.
Duckfs list my best designs of shoes. I've long been fascinated with Converse
shoes and recently I've been thinking Convese will be great with hand
embroidery patterns. You see, this idea is really cool!

Maybe my product is not the best but I am sure that we
always try our best to serve our customers. From conceptualizing, choosing the
shirt to the final product and delivering it to the customer, everything is
done with care.The happiest for us is a lot of satisfied customers wearing
Duckfs Store.Take a tour of our store and choose for yourself a gift, you
deserve it!!